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Owner of KimeryEvents

23 Things 

  • I have been a Special Events Coordinator  going on 15 years…and I absolutely love what I do! Whether it is a Wedding, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, an anniversary, or a birthday… I take every celebration very seriously and to heart.

  • I am extremely passionate about my work and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

  • I am very detailed oriented and extremely organized. I can't help it... it's in my blood and the only way I know how to operate.

  • I really enjoy designing events with my clients. It's not about my vision and style, it's about my clients… I am just here to make it happen.

  • There is nothing better than yummy food presented in a beautiful way. Not to forget an amazing wine to pair it with. Can you tell I am a foodie?

  • I love to travel, whether it is relaxing in Hawaii or zip lining through a rain forest in Costa Rica! Next stop… Cancun and Alaska!

  • Lighting creates a certain mood and vibe which you just can’t achieve with candle light alone. But don’t get me wrong, the more candles the better!


  • I have very high standards in all that I do, whether it is personal or business. Quality is extremely important to me.

  • When selecting vendors for an event, I like to call it "building a team"  of which will bring your vision to life…. always staying conscious of the budget.

  • The ceremony of a wedding is my favorite part of the day. But, there is nothing like a fabulous party!

  • I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

  • Beautiful and innovative décor, delicious food, amazing music, and wonderful family and friends is what I feel makes for a memorable and magical day.

  • I will always work hard for my clients in finding the best quality and value for any given element of their event.

  • I remain very calm under high pressure situations, always having a resolution to any problem that may arise at any moment.

  • Photography is very important. To capture the “story” of the day is a must, so finding that right photographer for you is imperative.

  • On an event day, I pride myself on adhering to the master timeline,  which then makes for a seamless and flawless day!

  • I will only work with reputable and reliable vendors that have the utmost professionalism and high standards that I strive for… and of course, the best pricing.

  • I am a very optimistic person and always look at the positive side of things. I live life with the glass half full.

  • I definitely don’t drink enough water throughout the day…. but I LOVE my iced-green tea!

  • I couldn't live without my right hand and associate, Jessica.

  • I am a native born Angeleno, raised in Encino and come from a very large family. Family is so important, couldn’t do anything without their daily love and support.

  • Location, location, location! I am always looking for new and unique venues, to stay current and “in the know”.

  • I will always do whatever it takes for my clients, as that is my comfort level as an event coordinator. I don't know how to work any other way. 

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