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Event and Wedding Planners are a Must!

Recently, a work colleague called me up and started ranting and raving about working an event with no Event Coordinator to help execute a flawless day and evening. Ultimately, she ended up ‘becoming’ the event planner for the evening, which doesn’t allow her to focus on what she does best and what she was hired for…. Reception Music! Please read an article below that she posted on her blog, as it really expresses just how beneficial a planner really is… not only for the client, but for all vendors involved.

Written by Veronica Puleo

Event and Wedding Planners are a MUST … I can’t express how important it is to build ‘your story’ with someone who has massive amounts of experience in the business, i.e. AN EVENT PLANNER.

Hiring a planner and/or coordinator is crucial in executing the flow and letting the vendors/musicians do what they do best and what they are ultimately hired for. There are so many pieces to your Wedding and Event puzzle. It takes a crew of experts to make it happen the way you always dreamed of it happening …and of course, as vendors, we are all here to help you make your dream come true. However, being a musician/vocalist, we are not Event Planners and neither is your Banquet Captain, Photographer, DJ or Florist. Don’t leave it up to chance and ‘do-it-yourself’ or ask your ‘Aunt Mary’ to run the show. You do want your guests to enjoy themselves, right?

I have seen Brides and Grooms try to coordinate each detail without hiring an event professional just to cut costs. Hey, sometimes it works (if you’re lucky)! But so many times, alas, it does not! My friend and colleague Kimery Sherwood of KimeryEvents said it best and to the point, “You hire me for peace of mind”. And that is the truth! Peace of mind indeed … for EVERYONE involved, vendors included, but mainly the couple!

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